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Cathodic Protection

Dutton Contractors Ltd is proud to be one of the United Kingdom’s few Cathodic Protection Specialists able to oversee every aspect of the complicated process using its own staff. The complexity of the process makes this a commendable achievement in itself. A technique to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it work as a cathode of an electrochemical cell, the solution is achieved by placing in contact with the metal to be protected another more easily corroded metal to act as the anode of the electrochemical cell.

As part of our specialist Cathodic Protection service, we are therefore able to offer the following in the knowledge that the works will be completed to the highest standards:

• Complete Project Management
• System Resourcing and Design
• Excavation, backfilling and reinstatement of Ground Beds
• Laying and connections of Anodes
• Connection of Wellheads to SMC

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Dutton Contractors Ltd are currently installing a Cathodic Protection system at Storengy’s Stublach Gas Storage Facility near Middlewich, Cheshire, which will store 400 million tonnes of natural gas at full capacity.

In late 2010, Dutton Contractors Ltd also installed a vertical groundbed Cathodic Protection system at the nearby Holford Gas Storage Facility on behalf of the Costain Group.

In Summer 2011, Dutton Contractors will continue to work on the expansion of Cathodic Protection systems at both of these plants as their development continues.

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