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Our Policies

Dutton Contractors Ltd hold ourselves to high standards with published policies covering the following areas:

✔ Compliance with Health and Safety legislation and guidance
✔ Quality of service provision and Compliance to relevant legislation
✔ Industrial Relations and respect for the legal rights of our employees
✔ Corporate Social Responsibility by ourselves and our supply chain
✔ Protection of the environment and precious natural resources
✔ Zero tolerance for abuse of alcohol and controlled substances
✔ Management of risks (e.g. hot work, road risk, work related fatigue)
✔ Compliance with the laws relating to slavery and trafficking
✔ Protection of personal data in line with GDPR regulations
✔ Compliance with tax evasion, anti-bribery and corruption legislation
✔ Driving standards including zero tolerance for mobile phone use.
✔ Standards of behaviour on social media platforms

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